I’ve been experimenting recently with a bunch of cool photosharing apps on my iPhone including: Path, With, Twitter, Facebook, Denwen, Color, Dailybooth… (takes breath). As much as I enjoy each one in their own unique way, none of them (yet) are able to capture the true feeling or ambiance of a particular situation, though Path is probably the closest. To be fair, most of these apps were not designed to do such. I’ve always found that regular photos (camera phone for instance) can decently capture a moment, but they often come off as rather 1-dimensional (figuratively speaking). So as an experiment, I documented ~72hours of my life by taking panoramic photos along the way. Below are shots of where I found myself wandering to over the last 3 days. For me, these wider photos do justice to some of the lovely views I get to see on a daily basis.

I am not a photographer, these are far from perfect, but I think they do a great job of giving the viewer a sense of where I was and what I experiencing. I recall reading that the switch for TV’s from 4:3 to 16:9 ratio was to make a more natural aspect ratio for the human eye. Well, even at 16:9 (which might approximate my eye’s static view), I often tend to move my head left/right, so hopefully these wide/POV shots are more emmersive. Lastly, I have to tip my hat to the team who made PanoApp, a great $2 iPhone app that does all the stitching work for you. Go download it and post stuff.

Anyway, here is 72 hours exploring in SF. This is not realtime, this is not broad casted/narrow casted, this is not person tagged nor is it geo tagged. Just some simple photos I thought some people might enjoy.

SOMA: The view from my desk at work, I have never used the monitor on the right

SOMA: Every Friday at TwitterHQ, teatime with drinks, live music and serious QA... I'm holding 2 beers.

SOMA: Walking over Howard St on the Yerba Buena bridge. I'm listening to Metric.

Embarcadero: My Thursday poker game with some of the nicest guys in town, though I'm about to lose a big pot

Union Square: The Powell BART station, heading out for food. I'm craving Chinese food

SOMA: Chatting with my coworker @alan about my panorama experiment. The pano is so meta.

Nob Hill: The top of the hill, just a few blocks from my apartment. Choice: Russian Hill ahead, China town the the right

Russian Hill: One of the steepest/funniest hills in the city. I'm thinking about tipping a car over (Broadway/Jones)

Russian Hill: Relaxing at one of my favorite "hidden" spots in the city. A random dog sits down beside me to enjoy the view

Dolores Park: Tons of people enjoying the nice weather. I'm wearing my pink sunglasses to fit in

Mission: The Summit cafe, a new but prototypical cool/geeky tech hangout with great coffee. I'm holding a fancy Cappuccino

The Marina: You can see the Golden Gate to the left, and Alcatraz to the right. It is really windy

Union Square: Tons of tourists lining up for the Cable Car and enjoying some local street performers

Mission: 16th St. BART, a shot of me going home after a long day of wandering. photo by @moizsyed

We see thousands if not millions of moments just like these on a day to day basis. Hopefully I’ll remember to stop and capture a few of them for me to revisit and share in the future. On a closing note: