Doesn’t relate to movies, software or books, but just how I always find myself in funny situations.
A coworker asked me to write about it, because it seemed too unbelievable to be true.

“The Metropass”

I was at a friend’s house for dinner recently and a group of us decided to head downtown to a bar.  Since the cold Toronto weather had begun to show up (it was around -20°C that night) we looked into getting a cab.  We had a group of about 5 people so we ordered a van cab (because certainly getting 2 cabs was out of the question).  As we waited, an argument arose because several of the people present had metropasses, rendering the $30 cab a waste of money. This took place during the first week of January, and I had actually purchased my metropass earlier that day.  The argument continued on about the additional $10 charge for ordering a van cab (making the cab fair >$40) and we decided to take the bus.

As we walked to the subway we called in and canceled the cab, only to see the cab drive by us about 30 seconds later.  About 5 minutes into our walk, and feeling the reality of the freezing cold weather, we changed our minds again and decided to take the cab after all.  The cab (now returning to wherever it originally came from) drove by us once again, this time we flagged it down.  The idea here was that since we did not explicitly order the cab, the $10 would be waived.  He realized we were the original callers (some how) and after 2 minutes of arguing we decided to take the subway instead.  The cabbie was pissed off, I was cold, and we were standing 100 feet from the subway entrance.

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