I recently saw Shutter Island, and while it was entertaining, it was really the first 10 minutes of the film sold me.  The movie progresses, and there are some wild plot twists and characters developments, but the entire film I just thought about the opening.  Near the start of the film, we see DiCaprio and Ruffalo being driven/walking into the main area of the prison facility.   The movie goes from quiet to a towering soundtrack which filled the packed theater I was watching it in.  This 2-3 minute scene when we enter Shutter Island reminded me of walking the halls of the Overlook Hotel from The Shining.  The soundtrack immediately reminded me of Jonny Greenwood’s work on the OST of There Will Be Blood.  The soundtrack took control of the movie.  Some critics of the film have argued that the overly powerful music (and some of the editing) brought this film down to the level of a B-Horror film, I personally thought it was just fine.

I was a bit amazed how this short sequence could catch my attention.   Shutter Island’s “Symphony No.3 Passacaglia – Allegro Moderato” by Krzysztof Penderecki and There Will Be Blood’s “There Will Be Blood” by Jonny Greenwood, what do you think?  If you have seen both movies, do these song capture the essence of each respective film?

Last note, I love how watching movies lets you remember other films/things you may have seen.  While watching this movie I couldn’t help think about the old PC game Phantasmagoria, and the horror film Session 9.  If you enjoyed playing/seeing those – certainly this movie will bring back some (terrifying) memories.