I recently received a Wacom tablet+stylus as a gift and could think of no one else to draw for my first sketch but Alan Turing. This is a 4 layer Photoshop trace atop a famous photo of one of my favorite historical scientists. I figured it could be a late tribute to one of the guys who started it all. On this day (November 28) in 1942, Alan Turing was sending a report from Washington, D.C. describing his 2 week tour of America and their code breaking efforts for WW2. I’ve always appreciated his subtle humor and lingering disappointment in his writing/dialogues, this report is no exception. Always up for a challenge, and (seemingly) rarely impressed or satisfied; breaking German encryption codes and theorizing the modern computer wasn’t bad for a 30 year old math geek from West London.

“I’d say we have come a long way since Zygalski sheets and Hut 8 in Blechley Park, Alan.  Don’t forget to thank Welchman for that diagonal board.  R.I.P.”