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Over the last couple of weeks I have been trying to formulate a law based on my experiences over the last 8 or so years writing software for companies.  I think I have almost nailed it.

The Keyboard Law
(or The New Keyboard Law):

The total amount of unnecessary time elapsed between a developer requesting a new keyboard, to the time when it arrives in their hands, is directly proportional to the amount of bureaucracy within the department or organization he/she works for. As a corollary, this time is inversely proportional to the amount of influence software engineering experience has within the upper management of said company.

[Warning, below I go on a long rant explaining this law, feel free to skip it and just use this law in practice and give me credit,fame and fortune in the future. Also skip to the end and add your comments too ;P]


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The penis shape was truly unintentional

I thought about drawing a linear / exponential function, while lining up for a beer at a club on the weekend.  To prevent myself from becoming either an alcoholic or one of those ‘holding a drink dancers’ (see graph x:[7-9]), I will just no longer go to night clubs.