I must assume that all airplanes run Windows2000

Inspiration behind this comic, I recently flew from Detroit to Toronto and the plane refused to take off because the kid beside me was writing an SMS.  2 different stewards began arguing with him to turn off his iPhone until he finally did.  Meanwhile I was *sleeping* beside him with my iPhone on listening to music.  Fortunately for me, I had my hood on and they didn’t care notice.

“Phones and Mp3 players can cause electrical interference that can disrupt our plane’s equipment.”  I don’t like being treated like a child, the reality is they need your full attention during takeoff/landing so that you are alert, since these are the times most likely an accident could occur.  Just say that.  You can’t seriously expect me to fly on a plane if some idiot’s Walkman (that idiot was me in my previous story) was accidentally left on, and can take down a 747.  Why do you rigorously measure the amount of hair gel in my carry on, and force me to put it into a baggie, yet seemingly ignore the 3 electronic devices in my front pocket.

Incidentally, while drawing this comic, this news article about an NFL player going through this exact debacle appeared in my news reader.  I might be over reacting, but perhaps you (the FAA) should worry more about your pilots making $17,000 a year and being on food stamps [warning, link to Michael Moore] than me listening to Miley Cyrus on my flight home.