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I’m on the fence about the new look and feel of YouTube, but I felt this would be a great opportunity to see how Twitter and its users would react. Version 1 of an idea I had early for using Twitter as a litmus test. I ran some numbers using the search API and generated some pretty graphs, enjoy!


This happened to me a while ago, but I recently stumbled upon the screenshots somewhere on my desktop (Yes take a screenshot whenever a website does something that pisses me off).  This will begin my, hopefully abundance of, rant posts about otherwise great/successful software applications and websites.  I found Twitter was much to short to fully express myself, but I’ll leave my twitter rant for another occasion.

The target of this post:, yes you.. tube </bad joke>.

Youtube’s recent UI change (last quarter or so) has some new modules on their front page which include: recommended videos, popular videos by category (love this module), videos being watched right now (which I still don’t understand) and Featured videos.

Here is what I saw:

Youtube's home page

Look at all the great suggested videos for me to watch!

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